The initial "voice-over" was recorded with an
AKG Blueline SE391 microphone. This has a
cardiod polar pattern.
Shotgun Shoot-out
Three shotgun microphones were set
up in a room approx 12' x 12' with high
ceilings. This room was chosen
because it is particularly "lively" with a
wooden floor (no carpets) large
windows, and with no curtains or
soft-furnishings. This results in sound
bouncing from the surfaces and, in all
the microphones, the coloration of the
reflected sound can be heard.

The microphones were placed in a
holder one meter (just over 3') from
the speaker, pointing directly at the
speaker's mouth. Power to the
microphones, and pre-amplification
was from a Sound Devices 302 field
mixer. The result was recorded on an
Edirol R-09 recorder at 48khz 16 bit.